Medicinal cannabis

CBD Cannabis

Our goal will always be to cultivate the best possible varieties, in full compliance with current legislation.

Currently, we cultivate different varieties of hemp listed in the common catalog of varieties of agricultural species.

  All these varieties of hemp are completely legal and they are cultivated in many regions of France on plots of several hectares.

Our hemp cultivation area will not exceed 24,000 m2.

So yes, we are very far from our favorite varieties, but we have to start well.

As soon as the legislation allows it, we will, of course, cultivate other varieties 😉.

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One price

Because the CBD cannabis we cultivate is intended for therapeutic use only, no matter which strain best suits your expectations, the price will always be the same.

Once all the operating and development costs of the Goodwill Farm have been paid, all the profits made by the sale of our flowers or our derivative products containing CBD, will be donated to the association for the fight against cystic fibrosis (under agreement).

A full range of CBD products

Our goal is to produce all the products authorized by current legislation.

We will therefore market oils, essential essences, seeds, creams, drinks and sweets, containing CBD only from our production on the farm.

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Controlled origins

Our seeds are all certified and of controlled origin.

If you have seeds, certified legal, please contact us so that we can expand the range of varieties grown on the farm. 🙏

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French and European legislation

All varieties of CBD cannabis cultivated on the farm comply with current European and French legislation and therefore do not contain more than 0.2% THC.

French legislation currently in progress is totally against the well-being of French citizens.

We therefore sincerely want the production and consumption of all varieties of cannabis to be authorized, as quickly as possible.

This is why we strongly support all associations, organizations, unions, politicians and all citizens who fight for the total legalization of Cannabis.

As of next year, we will participate in the World Day for the Legalization of Cannabis, April 20, by organizing conferences, debates, tests and exhibitions, at the Goodwill Farm.

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Source of information

If you want to be informed before making up your own mind about the legalization and regulation of Cannabis, the best information site is that of the Norml France association.