The Kitchens

Solidarity kitchens

The farm will have several kitchens, in order to meet different needs.
Like all buildings at Goodwill Farm, these kitchens will be available to the public.

The Gesthouse Kitchen

The cottage has a large traditional kitchen, intended to prepare meals for people working or living on the farm, but also available to everyone, whether for or receive cooking lessons, to make your preserves, your jams. or your confits or simply to take advantage of equipment and utensils that you do not have at home (vacuum machine, dough machine, dehydrator, etc.).

La cuisine laboratoire

Afin de pouvoir élaborer de nombreux produits à partir des récoltes de la ferme, nous aurons besoin d'une cuisine laboratoire. Cette cuisine sera située dans la Grande Grange afin de pouvoir aussi servir lors des événements organisés dans cet espace.

Si vous avez besoin d'une grande cuisine pour préparer vos conserves, pratiquer le batch cookind, donner ou recevoir des cours de cuisine, cette cuisine comme les autres sera à la disposotion du public.

The Summer Kitchen

Située entre la Petite Grange et les terrasses du Gîte, cet ancien abri à foin sera reconverti en cuisine professionnelle pour les événements publics ou privés, tels que les Tiny Festivals ou les mariages organisés à la Ferme.

The kitchenette

Située entre l'épicerie autonome et le magasin gratuit, cette petite kitchenette, pourra servir à l'élaboration des boissons et des repas pour les personnes présente dans les bureaux.

Cette kitchenette sera alimentée par du Biogaz issue de la décompositions des déchets organique de la ferme (plus d'info)

Wood-fired oven & smokehouse

Located at the entrance to the Gesthouse kitchen , this room will be rehabilitated to receive a wood oven and a smoking room.

Solar Cooking

The Farm will have several solar ovens to allow you to discover the flavors of this particular cooking method.
We will also build a solar drier, in order to be able to dehydrate the medicinal plants on the farm.


There is no Farm without barbecues, and we really like barbecues at the Goodwill Farm.

There will therefore be a lot of barbecues of different styles, whether wood, charcoal, gas, a plancha, a Kamado, etc ...

You can explore on the farm, the joys of barbecue in all these forms, from the most traditional and local to the most exotic and distant.

Around the world of barbecues gathered in Agonac

More information very soon

You too ?

You have always dreamed of the ideal cuisine to express all your culinary talents ... so have We!

Help Us to make this dream come true for You.

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Cooking & Sharing

Does your child want a cake in the shape of a castle or a princess?
Don't buy a mold that will only serve you once, we will probably have the one you want.

Our goal is to help reduce overconsumption, which is why if we can save you from buying a utensil that you will need very little, we will always be happy to lend you ours.


This place will be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to the PASS (RFID) system of the Goodwill Farm

More Information about our Pass