The Goodwill Farm

"La Bourgeade"

La Bourgeade

La Ferme Goodwill is located in the south-west of France, in the heart of Périgord, in Agonac (24460)
In a department and region of international renown, the farm is surrounded by villages among the most beautiful of France.

The Land

The Land of the Goodwill FArm

The Farm benefits from a particular configuration, with these 3 access, it is perfectly suited to receive the public in complete safety.
Built on either side of a road crossing the property, all the buildings form a small hamlet (a Bourgeade).

The Buildings

The buildings of the Goodwill Farm

The Goodwill Farm is organized like a mini village with:

- Spaces for agriculture

- Work spaces

- Leisure areas

A Popular Heritage

This typical farm in the Dordogne, is the guarantor of the richness of the rural and popular heritage.

It is the perfect example of what a Périgord farmhouse was like in the last century, with all the characteristics of that time, such as the use of local materials, the frugality of the use of rare and expensive materials, the preservation of the water, reuse and recycling or the use of buildings for several functions, for example.

Our wish is to preserve, restore and perpetuate this testimony of popular common sense that we wish to find.

A: The Little Shed

Located at the entrance of the property this hangar is intended for multiple uses.

B: The Little Barn

Located next to the shed and facing the offices, the small barn will also have multiple permanent, seasonal or momentary functions.


D: The Offices

The most modern building on the property, it will be rehabilitated into a coworking space and a video recording studio.

F: The Guesthouse

Former sheepfold and farm dwelling, the building will be rehabilitated into a guesthouse and guest table, but will also be used for many other uses.

H: The Big Barn

The largest building on the property, it will be rehabilitated to install a workshop, a brewery, a kitchen, a laboratory, a dryer and a large multi-use space.

H: The Big Shede

Adjoining the large barn, this hangar will be rehabilitated and converted into a multi-use covered space.

The "Street" of the farm :

The main artery, the one that gives life to the Goodwill Farm.
This "Street" is the first reason for the creation of the Farm, without her, the crazy idea of creating this place would never have germinated.
240 meters long, this is where our biggest events take place (Garage sales, Producers' markets, Carnival, popular festivals, etc.)
It is also where our outdoor games are located during the day.


Planning of restoration and transformation works

If you want to know the farm restoration and transformation schedule, just click on the button.