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Natural benevolence

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At Goodwill Farm we believe that respect for the environment is not limited to organic farming and renewable energies.
We believe that the first gesture for the protection of nature is the sharing of resources and wealth.
A tool or a building that is not in use is a waste.
A tool that we rarely use is overconsumption.



No overconsumption
By making the Farm's tools and equipment available to the public, our goal is to reduce the purchase of underused tools, while allowing everyone to benefit from better quality tools.



No waste
The philosophy of the Farm will be to eliminate any possible waste, all that can be reused, repaired or transformed can be thanks to the Workshop and the Fab Lab of the Farm.



Waste recovery
The Farm will be in a Zero non-recovered or recycled waste approach, in particular with the installation of a unit for transforming organic waste into biogas (Homebiogas), in order to recover our own waste.

No Green Washing

Unfortunately not everything is green, too many products or materials simply do not exist in a local and environmentally friendly version.
There is no such thing as organic cement or biological electric wire, which is why at Goodwill Farm we will not only communicate on our green actions but also on what we will not be able to do as we would like.
The entire restoration of the farm will be filmed and documented, precisely in order to show you, in complete transparency, what is possible to do in an ecological way and what is not.

Reuse and Reclamation of Buildings

Reuse and Reclamation of Buildings
By reusing farm buildings to give them back their original vocation and by converting part of it for collective use, we are contributing to the preservation of resources and means but also the preservation of heritage.

Use of local and sustainable resources

Use of local and sustainable resources
Use of local and sustainable resources.
The farm has been built over time with less and less local materials.
We will correct this, by renovating the farm, only with local materials, whenever possible, but always with materials certified ecologically responsible. (Organic, PEFC, FSC, etc...)

Repair, Restoration and Recycling

Repair, Restoration and Recycling
Our goal is to use all the resources to the maximum of their possibilities, in order to reduce their production.
This is why we will collect and revalue many
resources such as cardboard, glass, fabrics, aluminum, certain plastics, wood, etc.

Organic farming production

Organic Farming
Obviously, the Farm will respect all the production requirements in organic farming.

Preservation of Biodiversity

Lavender and Bees
The use of pesticides or chemical herbicides will obviously be completely prohibited on the farm.

Organic waste recovery

Organic Waste Recovery
The Farm will be equipped with a system for transforming organic waste into biogas and fertilizer (Homebiogas).

Water • Wind • Sun

Saving Water
The first preservation of water, on the farm, will be the creation of a hybrid supply and treatment network, making it possible not to use drinking water for the Farm's toilets.
As the farm is already equipped with a water cistern for collecting rainwater, we are going to renovate it and increase the farm's rainwater harvesting capacities with the ultimate objective of being able to conserve all of it.
The Wind
Wind Energy
Our objective, on the farm, is to take advantage of all possible energy sources, which is why we are planning the installation of several mini wind turbines.
The Sun
Solar Energies
  Our goal is to use solar energy in all of these forms on the farm.
Photovoltaic solar energy for the production of electricity or solar thermal energy for the production of hot water.
We will use different technologies whether high-tech or low-tech

100% Green Website

Planet Hoster

We will always ensure that the Goodwill Farm has a global vision of ecology.
This is why we have obviously chosen for this website, a totally Green hosting service powered 100% by renewable energies.
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Natural Benevolence