Our prices

A very simple rule

If a person on minimum income cannot afford our services, it's too expensive.
And as some people have no income, it will always be possible to apply the principle of donation for donation.

Free, Open or Paid ?

The Goodwill Farm will offer services and activities, FREE, OPEN or PAID, according to a simple principle.

• If this activity or service does not require support and costs nothing at the Farm, it will be FREE.

• If this activity or service involves a charge for the Farm, it will be OPEN to use for Friends of the Farm who have a PASS, for one day, one year, or forever. (More info on Passes)

• If this activity or service involves a cost and requires support, it will be charged *.
(*: excluding the refuge which will always be free)

Our prices

Price composition


Raw materials


Work time






Our goal at the Ferme Goodwill is to have prices as low as possible.
All of our prices will be transparent and information on their composition will be accessible on the internet page of each Farm product.
You will find soon, all our prices in our shop.


No seasonality

The farm will not practice the seasonality of prices. Whether it's winter or summer, school holidays or not, our prices will always be the same.

No auction

The prices of the farm products will always be based on their actual manufacturing cost and not on a possible price compared to the competition.

No advantages

It does not matter if you are a small or a large client of the Goodwill Farm, the rates will be the same. (excluding any difference in the cost of containers or shipping costs)

No profit

The goal of the Goodwill Farm is not to generate profits, but simply to be self-sufficient.
All the financial benefits that the farm could possibly generate will be automatically reinvested in the farm in order to improve the quality of our services, whether it is for the purchase of new equipment or for the financing of the cultural activities of the farm.