Drones Academy

The Goodwill Drones Academy

Come and discover the incredible sensations of FPV flight or simply pilot one of our DJI drones.

Drone piloting

The Goodwill farm will provide you with a flight space of over 14,000 m2 to discover or improve your drone skills.

FPV flights

French regulations are very strict concerning the use of drones and in particular for FPV (First Person View) flights. To be authorized to fly in total immersion, a co-pilot with a direct view of the drone is mandatory.
Thanks to our approved and registered drones, as well as the members of the Goodwill Drones team, you will be able to discover and enjoy the unique sensations of an immersive flight.

You Dream ?

You dream of an ideal flight area to fly your drones ... So do we.
Help us make this dream that we share come true.



Our drones will be of the DJI brand, because our desire is to allow you to have access to the best possible equipment and currently DJI offers the best drones, for the general public and for professionals.

Drones and Fireworks

Did the idea of combining drones and fireworks cross your mind?
So do we, and thanks to the fireworks license of Sam, the creator of the farm, we're going to do it. :-)