Frequently Asked Questions

Why an English name?

We want the Goodwill Farm to be a place open to the world.
We speak English and we will publish all our video content in both French and English (at least in a subtitled version)
Then finally we will grow Good Weed ;-)

What is the structure that manages the farm?

Update :
The goodwill farm will be managed by 2 separate structures.

A non-profit association for all the cultural part and leisure activities.

An agricultural S.A.S. for all the agriculture part.

When is the opening scheduled?

Our goal is to be able to celebrate the creation of the Goodwill Farm on June 21, 2021 if the health regulations in force on that date allow it.
If this is not possible by this date, the Goodwill Farm will open as soon as authorized.

What does a non-profit business mean?

The purpose of the Goodwill Farm is not to generate profits, which means that all the possible profits of the farm would be fully reinvested in the farm according to a principle of circular economy. The money generated by the farm is only used on the farm.